Saturday, 28 April 2012

Where did that name "Twitter" come from again?


So, you say, dear readers, "Well that's fine... but how do I go about communicating with flying saucers?" 

Reading how I have done it, you can imitate the method. That puts you way ahead of the game. 

The Si's have told me that they put me up to this: giving out my secrets, which up to this time have been disclosed to no other human. For they wish to try to communicate with other humans besides myself. They have even constructed, in their own way, a sort of ESP channel or frequency by which this can be done by persons using my "chamber" method, with Tweeter and Twitter (my nicknames for the two strange insect-like creatures inside) in the chamber looking into the oval machine.

There's a big question here. Why does a Whopper smell like so much like fresh young pussy?

Seriously. What's up with that? I mean it's great, but why is it so?